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2011 Volvo Ocean Race Special Edition

2011 Volvo Ocean Race Special Edition

2011 Volvo Race Special Edition


In order to celebrate the beginning of their fourth Ocean Race, Volvo is going to releasing the special edition models for their V60, XC60, and the XC 70 for the United Kingdom. Those cars will be available to be ordered starting on next April, while the first delivery of the car is expected to be on July. The engine option is not yet determined, but there is a report that the cars will have some special interiors.


That special thing on the inside is including the sail reminiscent off black or beige, and their seatbacks were embossed with the logo of Volvo Ocea Race. The exterior colors will also available in two options which were called as ‘Volvo Ocean Blue II’ and ‘Electric Silver.’


In addition to the seats, there is also an Ocean Race treatment in its door panels and cargo covers with special script and stitching. If it is not enoguh, you will also get a floor math from a textile which is inspired by sail to cap it all. Volvo is planning that the car can be sold around 7,500 units per year and targetting England, Germany, and Italy as their main objectives. Unfortunately, the pricing is still unavailable.

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KTM X-Bow Coming to U.S.

KTM X-Bow Coming to U.S.


KTM X-Bow is nearly coming to the United States as a kit car. This ready toy’s price has been announced for the basic street model, with $ 88,500 per unit. Not enough? If you think that the basic version was too soft, then prepared some more cash for the higher version. The Clubsport model will be available for $ 103,500.


There is also the other two models: The Superlight which is costs $ 134,500, and the highest version of GT4 which can be taken home by exchanging it with $ 139,000. For your information, that price is pretty much the same with prosche 911 GT3 RS. That price is also excluding the transaxle and engine from Audi. Those addition will costs $ 7,900 because the X-Bow can’t be sold in the United States as a complete car.


If you want a comparison, here it is. The Ariel Atom costs only $ 49,800 in the United States, also without any associated go-bits. That price is for the most basic model with 200 horsepower, so maybe it will be a little bit unfair if you compare that Atom with the X-Bow. If you want the Ariel Atom equipped with a V8 engine, it will be costs $ 160,000.

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2012 Jeep Liberty is on its Way

2012 Jeep Liberty is on its Way



In some recent months, Chrysler seems to be so busy. The Auburn Hills was releasing the latest versions of Dodge Durango andCharger, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Chrysler 300. Yes, those were some tight production onslaught. However, the Pentastar is still found their time to refresh most of their vehicles which is already on their lineup. There is one vehicle missing from the list, the Jeep Liberty.


But don’t worry as the recent report said that the car will be going on year 2012. A Security and Exchange Comission was filing submitted by Chrysler which is virtually told us that the Liberty will be come back next year. However, there is still no indication on whether Dodge will only refreshed it or do a total makeover with it. But it doesn’t matter as any change will be good for this car.


Jeep Liberty is a fraternal Twin, while the Dodge Nitro is also in need of some refreshment itself. The interesting thing is that the vehicle which isn’t sold too good was not mentioned in the report. Sergio Marchionne as the CEO of Chrysler said on the Detroit Auto Show that he thinks the Nitro needs to be replaced, as it is the most significant minus on their products lineup.

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Bristol Car Has Financial Trouble

Bristol Car Has Financial Trouble


The high class sports vehicle manufacturer, Bristol, has gone to the administration after they are running into financial trouble. BBC is reporting that Tom MacLennan and Trevor Binyon from RSM Tenon have been named as joint administrators of this ex-english automaker which has already join the car market in London since 1946.


The company who is known by their Blenheim and Fighter sports cars has switched from a plane builder into an automaker after the World War II. They are now already known as a low volume builder for the bespoke rides for the high people in Britain. This firm is now has a single showroom in London.


Their new administration is said to be shopping the brand and are confident that Bristol is still can be saved. They said that by seeing the manufacturer’s prestige and history as a unique product from England. If you are Bristol’s customer, don’t be scared because the service will still continue so you won’t be hung out to dry despite their current woes and resulting layoffs. MacLennan said that he and the joint administrator are very interested to the parties who want to make contact with them as soon as possible.

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Reach 230 mph With Ruf Rt 12 R

Reach 230 mph With Ruf RT 12 R


Porsche has recently releasing some amazingly exciting machines with a high ability. Ruf is a Germany speedholic who loves Porsche very much. So, they are willing to take one of the car, store it in their factory, and then release it back to the world as a roadgoing rocketships. Their latest creation is the Ruf Rt 12 R, which is unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.


It was initially a Porsche 911 Turbo. The car was only has the stock 3.8 liter twin turbo flat six engine to bring 500 horsepower and 480 pound feet of torque. After that, Ruf was taking it over, and they ressurect it to be a 730 hp and 693 pound feet of torque beast. That engine is mated into a six speed manual transmission with all wheel drive system, or you can choose the rear wheel drive version.


Ruf is not only working on the car’s body, but also on its exterior. They are using carbon fiber to the fron fenders, luggage cover, seats, hood, and on the roof as an option. In order to bring more light to the cabin, they are using plastic instead of glass to the rear and side windows. As Ruf is a speedmeister, their modification on the engine could bring this car up to 230 mph of top speed.

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